I like headphones that go over your ears. unsweetened oat milk. dunkin donuts iced coffee. energy drink airbar diamonds until i get tired of them then i like cherry cola. but mostly i like blue american spirits. i like scary books more than scary movies, but i also like scary shows. I think it's becuase when i was way too young i was obsessed with those paranormal hunter shows and i would fall asleep watching them. i like hanging stuff on the walls of my bedroom i hope i do that till the day i die. i like sleeping on the couch. i like making memes. i like weird sunglasses. i like mcdonalds pancakes.


movie: the batman

song: a place for my head - linkin park

music artist: linkin park

show: batman the animated series

whos inside the screen


i made this website to give myself something to do,

recently my life has completely changed. i moved to a new city. i moved back to a state i grew up in. i moved back to that new city.
i lost a childhood best friend. then i spent this whole year pursuing an education i couldnt find a purpose in. living in a city that still feels brand new.
i may not keep this up for a while. i might even forget about it next week. but thats not the point. the point is there is no point. since dropping out of school last month ive spent a lot of days searching for things to do to stay occupied. today this turned out of be the thing i fell on.

okay on to the fun stuff

im 21 . im a cancer sun, aquarius moon, scorpio rising . they/them pronouns
i was studying english b4 i started studying self discovery now im thinking about doing something art related.
i have a dog named noodle


music: my chemical romance . nirvana . sufjan stevens . deftones . fall out boy (pre ~2015) . la dispute . blink-182 . pierce the veil . green day . the smashing pumpkins . bring my the horizon . the cure . kid cudi . metallica . bon iver . the garden . lemon demon . pink floyd

television: inuyasha . adventure time . survivor . law and order svu . mob psycho 100 . succession . black sails . what we do in the shadows . ink master +honorary youtube mention: kurtis conner rhett and link show and those vids that r like "pro vaper break down these vape scenes in movies"

videogames: street fighter . pokemon . fortnite . super monkey ball . assassins creed odyssey . ps4 spiderman . code vein

books: annihilation . the only good indians . billy summers
comics, graphic novels, manga: something is killing the children . inuyasha . soul eater . the girl from the other side . blade runner origins . sunbakery . black cat on the run . basically all spider-man stuff

movies: into the spiderverse . blade runner . ferris buellers day off . the amazing spiderman . jurassic park . the matrix . kung fu panda . school of rock . scott pilgrim . princess mononoke